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Bible Project

Bible Project
This year Aidan and I decided it’d be awesome to start off our year and our engagement by reading the bible in a year together! We are currently on day 19 and have barely started Exodus. We decided to use the Bible Project plan, and it’s literally the greatest thing ever! Most passages are accompanied by their awesome visual storytelling videos, which makes understanding passages a lot easier. This is  our first time together but second time reading it all the way through, and I can already tell you this plan has made it so easy and a lot more fun! So if you’ve been debating reading it for awhile, or need some type of motivation, go check the Bible Project reading plan out and read along with us! Even if you don’t want to go about a bible reading plan in that way, there’s a ton of other apps and options. Many bible’s already have their own in the front or back of them! Do what makes you the most comfortable! My only advice to you is to pick up your bible and read it! Ther…

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