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fell in love in the fall

Fell in Love in the Fall
In the light of the new engagement, I decided to tell the story of me & Aidan!
Our first encounter was in the fall of 2013. Through mutual friends, we ended up at the same Sweet Sixteen and maybe uttered three words to each other, unaware that this would be the same person we’d end up spending the rest of our lives with.
Flash forward to the fall of 2014, we meet again! This time at a church event. This time, like the time before, nothing came out of it and we simply moved on with our lives.
Finally in the spring of 2015 we meet again, but this time actually stuck! After seeing Aidan in church multiple times, I began to form a slight crush on him (from a far of course), so when he introduced himself this time, I knew I wouldn’t forget him. From there the fun began. We started hanging out, flirting, and annoying each other as much as humanly possible. The cat and mouse was fun, but I was happy when it stopped.
In fall, we started going on dates and hanging o…

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